Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Design mobile phone for LG and Win lot of prizes

Design of mobile phone concepts seems to be a pretty popular thing among among both professional and hobbyist designers around the world.

And they do come up with some pretty cool stuff quite often.

Well, if you are U.S. resident, have some good ideas what you would like your mobile phone to do in a few years, and the talent to come up with an interesting design, you might even get paid for it.

Last week LG has announced the competition to design “…the next revolutionary LG mobile phone” and has $80K of prize money to spend.

The winner will reap $20K, #2 will get $10K, number 3 -$5K. And then there’s 40 honorable mentions that will receive $1K and LG U.S. phone each.

Sounds pretty cool. The only thing I did not like about the competition was that it’s open only for U.S. residents.

C’mon, LG, why do you exclude the rest of the world? A lot of cool stuff, especially in phone design, come from outside U.S. nowadays…

You can find the competition details here.

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