Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blackberry Awesome Storm App

This is the first app to install on your blackberry strom

Blackberry Awesome Storm Applications to Install

This is how you can install Blackberry Strom awsome app to your side.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Blackberry Skins

I am really surprise when i m hear that we can change the Blackberry skin. this is great idea to change blackberry skin. her in video we have seen that how to change the Blackberry bold 9000 skins

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

blackberry Storm apps with Download link

As the response the people about blackberry I have explore more about blackberry apps. Some of the applications are OTA enable and some of them are downloading on desktop and install through Blackberry Manager. Which manage your installment process. If you have not blackberry manager on desktop then download from here.

Applications are divided into two categories one for free and one for Purchase applications. Download application links are given blow. Enjoy the apps J

Blaclberry Free apps:

WeatherBug : :Another blackberry app for weather but its Free Download

Google Sync : : this app is used to sync Google calendar Download Free

Berry Scanner Download Free

FlyCast : : this is an Internet radio, totally free apps Download Free

Pandora : : another radio application for blackberry which is also free Download

Flixster : : this is a social network application for free Download

QSMS : :this is quickly compose SMS for free Download

GoogleTalk : Google talk application for free Download

QIK : : For Mobile video sharing Download Free

Google Latitude  Download Free

Mara Tick  Download Free

(This is Shopping List App for free download)

Capture It Download Free

(This is OTA enable used for on device screen capture)

Shrink It Download Free

Bolt Browser : : this is third party browser for blackberry devices Download Free

Blackberry apps that you have to pay


100 ways to reduce the stress

1. Get up 15 minutes earlier
2. Prepare for the morning the night before
3. Avoid tight fitting clothes
4. Avoid relying on chemical aids
5. Set appointments ahead
6. Don't rely on your memory ... write it down
7. Practice preventive maintenance
8. Make duplicate keys
9. Say "no" more often
10.Set priorities in your life
11. Avoid negative people
12. Use time wisely
13. Simplify meal times
14. Always make copies of important papers
15. Anticipate your needs
16... Repair anything that doesn't work properly
17. Ask for help with the jobs you dislike
18. Break large tasks into bite size portions
19. Look at problems as challenges
20. Look at challenges differently
21. Unclutter your life
22. Smile
23. Be prepared for rain
24. Tickle a baby
25. Pet a friendly dog/cat
26. Don't know all the answers
27. Look for a silver lining
28. Say something nice to someone
29. Teach a kid to fly a kite
30. Walk in the rain
31. Schedule play time into every day
32. Take a bubble bath
33. Be aware of the decisions you make
34. Believe in yourself
35. Stop saying negative things to yourself
36. Visualize yourself winning
37. Develop your sense of humor
38. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better today
39. Have goals for yourself
40. Dance a jig
41. Say "hello" to a stranger
42. Ask a friend for a hug
43. Look up at the stars
44. Practice breathing slowly
45. Learn to whistle a tune
46. Read a poem
47. Listen to a symphony
48. Watch a ballet
49. Read a story curled up in bed
50. Do a brand new thing
51. Stop a bad habit
52. Buy yourself a flower
53. Take time to small the flowers
54. Find support from others
55. Ask someone to be your "vent-partner"
56. Do it today
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61. Strive for Excellence NOT perfection
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63. Look at a work of art
64. Hum a jingle
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67. Feed the birds
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77. Tell someone to have a good day in Latin
78. Throw a paper airplane
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82. Clean out one closet
83. Play patty cake with a toddler
84. Go on a picnic
85. Take a different route to work
86. Leave work early (with permission)
87. Put air freshener in your car
88... Watch a movie and eat popcorn
89. Write a note to a far away friend
90. Go to a ball game and scream
91. Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight
92. Recognize the importance of unconditional love
93. Remember that stress is an attitude
94. Keep a journal
95. Practice a monster smile
96. Remember you always have options
97. Have a support network of people, places and things
98. Quit trying to fix other people
99. Get enough sleep
100.Talk less and listen more
101.Freely praise other people

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moscow airport in Russia a Benz car on Celling‏

If you now go to Moscow airport in Russia you will be able to see a Mercedes Benz car as you have never seen before. This full size Mercedes Benz car be seen nailed to the ceiling in one of Moscow airports now. EnglishRussia.

com reports that it attracts a lot of attention from travelers and questions like whether it is safe to walk beneath it or whether it might occasionally fall on your head?


Sign next to car says in Russian, "This isn't a private plane. But the feel is the same."


It's not sure whether or not it is a real Mercedes Benz. However EnglishRussia.

com says the car is very accurate down to the smallest details including the brake discs etc. being perfectly visible.

I also hear Mercades Benz had this advertisement at Hamburg airport in Germany and other places too. Anyway, this is a sure sign of Russia's growing prosperity. Maybe we will be hearing this in China or India next!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FW: [Jinnah] Unique Bridges Around the Globe

Pedestrian Bridge, Texas

This beautiful arched bridge in Lake Austin was a private build by Miro Rivera Architects and is used to connect the client's main house to the smaller guest house on the other side of the water. The idea was to make the bridge seem as natural as possible within its surroundings and to do this they made the decking and reed-like hand rails as imperfect as possible. The result is a bridge that looks extremely fragile but definitely worth the risk.
Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Opened in May of this year, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge is a stunning x-shaped cable-stayed bridge that crosses thePinheiros River in Sao Paulo. It's design is unique in that the 2 curved decks of the bridge cross each other through its x-shaped supporting tower, an illuminated structure that stands 450ft tall and has attached to it 144 steel cables.

Kintaikyo, Iwakuni, Japan

The original Kintai Bridge was built in 1673 and didn't stand very long until it was damaged due to flooding. It was then rebuilt and survived for more than 200 years until a typhoon battered it to death in 1950. The bridge that stands now over the Nishiki Riveris the 3rd build and looks magnificent, it's 5 wooden arches displaying an incredible amount of detail and craftmanship. Interesting fact: no nails or bolts have been used to build the arches, only clamps and wires.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brasilia, Brazil

The JK Bridge in Brasilia is a lesson in elegant bridge design. The 3 huge arches diagonally hopping over the deck of the bridge give the structure an amazing visual fluidity and make the whole 1.2km bridge look effortlessly cool. Since being built the bridge has won awards for its design but is still massively underappreciated on a wider scale.

Rolling Bridge, London, UK

Thomas heatherwick' s award-winning rolling bridge is an ingenious addition to the grand union canal system in London and is unique in its design. Unlike regular movable canal bridges, the rolling bridge curls up on itself to form an octagon by way of hydraulics. It's an amazing sight and a reminder that a fresh perspective can produce great, innovative results, even when dealing with a structure as common as a bridge.

Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge, Guizhou, China

Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge in Guizhou is an enormous railway bridge that was built as part of the much larger 'Guizhou-Shuibai Railway Project'. Connecting 2 mountains over a deep ravine, at its highest point the bridge's deck sits 918ft above the ground (to compare, at its highest point the Millau viaduct's deck clears the river underneath by 890ft). The bridge has succeeded in connecting 2 of the country's poorest areas.

Henderson Waves, Southern Ridges, Singapore

'Henderson Waves' is Wingapore's highest pedestrian bridge and can be found at the southern ridges, a beautiful 9km stretch of gardens and parks which has frequently drawn comparisons to New York's Central Park. The bridge itself is absolutely stunning.. The deck is made from thousands of Balau wood slats, perfectly cut and arranged, and along the length of the deck a huge snaking, undulating shell cleverly forms sheltered seating areas on every upward curve.

Pont Gustave Flaubert, Rouen, France

This is the incredible, brand new vertical lift bridge in Rouen, France, a beast of a structure whose 2 bridge spans weigh 1200tons each but can be hoisted 180ft vertically by the bridge's lifting mechanism in an impressive 12 minutes. Just the angular structures at the top of each tower weigh in at 450tons each, helping to support the lifting system as cruise ships sail through.

Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Technically, this is a bridge: it's a structure which spans a gorge. The only difference is, the bridge can't be used by humans due to the fact that its purpose is to support 2 pipelines - 1 gas, 1 oil - across the extremely high gap in Papua New Guinea. So high in fact that if this were to be officially recognised as a bridge it would rocket to the top of the 'world's highest bridge-span' list at an impressive height of 1290ft. By comparison, the current highest bridge span belongs to the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, hanging a mere 1053ft above ground level, while Manhattan's Chrysler Building measures 1047ft.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apple launching iPhone 3GS 8GB

We've had a number of unconfirmed tips over the last few days about this so we figured we'd post it… apparently it seems that Rogers in Canada is in the process of shipping iPhone 3GS 8GB flavor handsets to stores. Again, unconfirmed, no idea on pricing (we have no clue where to start on that) but we felt it was newsworthy to at least let you guys know what we're hearing. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe the iPhone 3G stock is finally sold out and Apple will quietly (or not quietly) replace the $99 model iPhone with an 8GB 3GS?

UPDATE: Added screenshots. Definitely looks legit to us! One more shot after the breakage.

Thanks, sneaky tipsters!

T-Mobile myTouch 3G in stores today


T-Mobile isn't merely tossing the handset onto store shelves and running a few adds. To celebrate the highly customizable nature of the phone T-Mobil is having 100 skydivers jump over San Francisco dressed as different personalities.

The skydivers will perform synchronized formations over the city says T-Mobile. Along with the handset a plethora of accessories are also available including the fitness pack with a fitness belt and armband as well as other cases. The myTouch 3G is available for $199.99 with a new 2-year contract.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Improving IE 8 performance

Three months ago, Microsoft released the 8 edition of its Big Blue E. The Internet Explorer 8 was launched at a time when all its competitors in web market were about to up the ante. Chrome 2.0, Firefox 3.5.1 , Safari 4 are giving Microsoft's default Windows browser a run for money.  Despite such stiff competition, IE 8 has managed to receive more of positive reviews. Well, IE8 has come of age offering almost everything right out of the box. Here we would present the

1. Browse the netbooks more easily

If you are using a netbook then you might need to switch to the full screen mode too often. Simply pressing the F11 removes the traces of browsers and allows the web page to occupy the entire screen. When you move hover the mouse pointer near the top the hidden portion of the screen reappears temporarily.

To sort out this bug, here's a simple solution. Open the web page and create a shortcut IE on your desktop, right-click it and select Properties. After the iexplorer.exe in the target box type a -k followed by a space and web address.

For instance, suppose you wanna view Office Live Workspace in fullscreen all the time, put it in this order

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" –k

2. Maximize screen space

The menu bar in Internet Explorer (File, Edit Tools and so on) is quite handy. But it takes up a valuable space on your screen. Most of you don't realize that its easy to remove the menu and bring it back easily when needed.

If your Menu bar is showing select the View>Toolbars and click on Menu Bar to uncheck it. Whenever you want it back, just press the alt key.

3. InPrivate Browsing

Like most other browsers, Microsoft has also included the new InPrivate browsing mode. Browsing in this mode removes all the traces of browsing history, temporary files and log-in data.

If you don't wanna turn the InPrivate browsing feature on and off. You can create a shortcut to launch a particular website with InPrivate mode activated.

To do create a shortcut as described above, append - private and follow it by a space, followed by the web address of the site you want to access. For instance, if you want to surf just private

If you double click this shortcut, it loads up with InPrivate mode switched on everytime.

4. Extend your download limit

IE sets the default limit for simultaneous downloads to two that ensures your bandwidth is used effectively. Now that there are faster connections available you can increase the number of download you can run at the same time.

There is a simple wizard to increase the download limit to 10. Visit the link and click this problem

5. Troubleshoot common problem

If your Internet Explorer 8 crashes too often, it might be a problem related with one of your add-ons. To check this run the browser with all add-ons switched off.

The more you install add-ons, the accelerator menus become more crowded. To control this, go to the Tools>Manage Add-ons. It will show all the currently loaded add-ons by default. However, you can change this to show all the buttons by pressing Show.

On the far right you have the Load time column. Click on the Load time column header to sort by the time each add-on takes to load. This would show the add-ons that are slowing down your browser's start up time. Press the Disable button for add-ons speed up IE 8.

cool and attractive skins for chrome

Google Operating System

Here you can download free themes for Google OS
these are cool and attractive skins for chrome
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Microsoft with Yahoo deal video

How know about Microsoft with Yahoo agreement impact on Google

Last week yahoo and Microsoft combined on an agreement that will see Bing MS search engine used on yahoo.
This is a new search engine giant to Google.
Bing and yahoo have a combined market of 6%.4%is of Bing and remaining 2% is of yahoo and is still way behind Google i-e 92%.
If Bing increases its share to 15% it will provide an alternate for Google.

Most important Benefit:
An Alternate For Google Bing has helped to improved the local websites which were previously only available with google.If you cannot
find anything on google you have an alternative. This is the major benefit of Bing that allow users to limit searches.
It has also proved beneficial for advertisers. if its share increases then it will be an alternate for Google with a cover
cost which could saved their money.

wrapping up :
For me competition is good in any market. Microsoft with its strength technology and a platform to compete with google and yahoo has a formidable advertiser base and advertising sales team.SO


Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Launches A Major Offensive Against Microsoft With “Going Google”

Microsoft and Google have seen their rivalry kicked up a notch in recent weeks. First, Google announced Chrome OS, the company’s first operating system. Then Microsoft announced the new version of Office with major cloud app support. Then Microsoft announced its deal to take over Yahoo’s search business. Starting today, Google is back on the offensive, with a major promotional campaign to get the word out about organizations switching to Google apps for their daily computing needs.

The campaign, called “Going Google,” has a very clear target: Microsoft Office. A series of advertisements [disclosure: including on this blog] will begin touting how and why some 3,000 organizations are signing up to use Google apps each day. But the crown jewels of this campaign will be billboards on four major U.S. highways that will give a new message about Google apps everyday for a month.

The billboards will be placed on the 101 in San Francisco, the West Side Hwy in New York, the Ike in Chicago, and Mass Pike in Boston. Google says that the vinyl being used to create these new messages each day will be recycled or reused into either computer bags or shopping bags.

Google says that so far over 1.75 million businesses, schools and organizations have signed up to use the various combinations of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and the other Google apps. But that is of course a drop in the bucket compared to the number of companies that use Microsoft Office and its other enterprise solutions. Now, Google is clearly trying to be proactive in telling people why its solution is better before Office goes online in a big way with the 2010 version.

Google is also attempting to use the viral message platform of choice these days to spread the “Going Google” message: Twitter. At the bottom of its blog post on the matter, Google urges people that use its apps to “Tweet your story” and provides a link to auto-populate a tweet with the #gonegoogle hashtag. You can also follow the GoogleAtWork Twitter account to follow the Gone Google stories.

It has also set up a site to “Spead the word” about Going Google. This is similar to what Mozilla has long been doing to promote Firefox — and it’s worked to the tune of over a billion downloads. The site has a range of options for letting your company or organization know that you want it to “Go Google,” including things like fliers and pre-populated emails to send out.

And Google is also promising to give away “goodies” each week in August to users who have Gone Google and fill out a Google Doc describing their experience.

Will any of this work? Who knows. But I know that I can’t wait to see how Microsoft responds in this back-and-forth war. “Stay With Office” blimps, perhaps?



Sunday, August 2, 2009

Microsoft Deal with Yahoo! Looks To Next Generation

Microsoft (MSFT) has talked about using it Bing search engine to
search the internet "real time" to pick up Twitter messages and other
information and data that rockets across the web nano-second by

In theory , mappingthe web as it evolves may be nearly as valuable as
indexing old pages which is what search engines have done for years.

Wall St. has assumed that Yahoo! (YHOO) would stop devoting resource
to search technology now that it will use Bing for its search
functions. Yahoo! is making clear that is not true, even as the ink on
its deal with Microsoft is still in the process of drying.

According toReuters, Yahoo's Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo Labs,
said that the company could potentially "mine" messages from Twitter,
the popular microblogging service, to offer Web surfers search results
beyond those offered by Microsoft's Bing.

Yahoo! may have decided that it does not want to leave its entire fate
in the search business to its ten-year alliance with Redmond. The
portal company has to contend with the fact that market leader Google
(GOOG) will continue to improve its product. It may even be able to
increase its 65% market share in the US. Google still has the
opportunity to add features to its core search features and those
improvements could bring it even more customers.

Yahoo!'s concern now must be that even if it can bring new search
features to market, they may not be ones that the market cares about.

There is no clear indication that consumers or business care about
what goes on across the internet "real time". Twitter messages,
texting, figures that are transmitted from point-to-point without
analysis may be so much "space junk" circling the world of the
valuable data the Google delivers with its basic product. Real time
search may produce results so raw and disorganized that no one can use

Yahoo! may have some success delivering the next big thing in search
engine results but it may not be anything people care about.

Douglas A. McIntyre