Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to fix Xinput1_3 dLL error in PC

PC users go through several errors in their daily PC operations. One of them is the XINPUT1_3.DLL. XINPUT1_3.DLL error occurs when there is a battle in the OS Path. It generally occurs when you open some files, applications or just start your computer. There are some special reasons of XINPUT1_3.DLL errors.

1. The XINPUT1_3.DLL is also removed when any application is uninstalled from PC
2. It may happen that when an application is installed, a XINPUT1_3.DLL get overwritten and replaced with either an older version or with an incompatible version
3. Hardware Failure issues occurrence
4. An unsuccessful installation of program
5. Due to virus attacks the XINPUT1_3.DLL is deleted or there are invalid or corrupt XINPUT1_3.DLL entries in the windows registry

Now the steps to fix XINPUT1_3.DLL errors include,

1. If the error message pops up only when you try to run a program, it's probably the problem wit the program. This is the easiest case to fix. A simple reinstallation of the program can almost resolve this problem. Before reinstalling check if there are any updates for the program or not.
2. Download a copy of XINPUT1_3.DLL from internet. Then replace the old corrupted dll file with the new dll file and restart the computer.
3. To fix the XINPUT1_3.DLL you need to fix windows registry. For this the Windows Registry Repair will do the perfect job.

The Windows Registry Repair is programmed to repair the registry and eventually get rid of the xinput1_3.dll error. If you ignore the repair of this error then you will be on the potential risk that brings you more troubles and the system can also crash. So download the windows registry repair and solve the XINPUT1_3.DLL error now. Read more at

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