Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moscow airport in Russia a Benz car on Celling‏

If you now go to Moscow airport in Russia you will be able to see a Mercedes Benz car as you have never seen before. This full size Mercedes Benz car be seen nailed to the ceiling in one of Moscow airports now. EnglishRussia.

com reports that it attracts a lot of attention from travelers and questions like whether it is safe to walk beneath it or whether it might occasionally fall on your head?


Sign next to car says in Russian, "This isn't a private plane. But the feel is the same."


It's not sure whether or not it is a real Mercedes Benz. However EnglishRussia.

com says the car is very accurate down to the smallest details including the brake discs etc. being perfectly visible.

I also hear Mercades Benz had this advertisement at Hamburg airport in Germany and other places too. Anyway, this is a sure sign of Russia's growing prosperity. Maybe we will be hearing this in China or India next!

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