Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bing search engine auto-plays videos

This is just too good. One of the features of Microsoft's just
launched Bing search engine is that it auto-plays videos in results
when you hover over them. Naturally, the first thing a number of
people, like Loic Le Meur, did was search for "sex" or "porn." The
results are majestic — if you're a teenager looking for a way around
porn filters on your computer. And this isn't artful porn or something
like it, it's straight-up, hardcore pornography.

Now, to be fair, to see these results, you do have to manually
override the adult filter on the video search, but that's a whole 2
clicks and doesn't require that you actually verify your age or
anything. The Bing team on Twitter is already warning users about this
following Loic and other's tweets about the issue. But the results
literally speak for themselves. If you're so inclined, go ahead and
try, it's one hell of a way to browse porn. Straight porn, gay porn,
you name it. It's all there, ready to auto-play.

I had one hell of a time just finding a result that would be easy
enough for me to edit with you still being able to tell what it is.
Obviously, this stuff is not safe for work — unless perhaps you work
on the Bing team

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